Welcome to National Technical Institute, Darbhanga.

Director's Message

National Technical institute (NTI) is an institution for providing short-term courses , professional and technical courses to the allied industries. National Technical institute (NTI) is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified institution for safety Management, Quality Control, Instrument technician, Land Surveyor, mechanical technician, mechanical and civil Foreman, Piping Qc, Piping Foreman, Diesel mechanic, Industrial Electrician, Pipe Fitter and Fabricator, Arc and Argon 6G Welding, JCB, Excavator, Mobile Crane operator and conduct of specialized Training courses in Technical & management. India is a developing country. Industrial growth is identified as the basic for its planned all round development. Highest quality products, increased exports and globalization are the prime goals of industrial growth. The Contribution of well education and trained personnel , Supervisor, Manager, executives and Entrepreneurs are very much needed for the achievement of the industrial Growth. The world is on the way of phenomenal metaphorsis in all the technological aspects. India too as a nation feeling the same. But despite of producing one of the largest technical man power in the world, all the personnel are not able to get the job due to lack of practical knowledge. So these people need a job oriented course. National Technical Institute (NTI) has taken up the challenge for the development of the skilled workforce in an era of rapid economic and technological changes by imparting the intensive training in various branches of technical courses. NTI has designed various job oriented short term courses keeping in mind the qualification and ability of students. so that they can consume the opportunity in the industrially global market.


(Asif Hussain Khan)