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National Technical Institute (NTI) is Registered Under MSME Govt. of India & INTERNATIONALLY AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTER & TECHNICAL COURSES/TRAINING, ACCREDITED BY DUBAI ACCREDITATION CENTRE (DAC). This kind of certificate is rewarded only to those institutes, which fulfills the terms & conditions of up-to date technology and requirement of International level. And we are fortunate here.

We accept - every human being is the greatest boon for our society since the birth, but the poison of un-employment makes him curse from the boon, for being human.

An unemployed youth sees the running, pleasant and moving world around him and then he himself feels that this world has left him back by kicking him up. Then he sees that his education and his labour are going invalid in such condition he feels that he has been cheated, he thinks that the society, justice, & equality are prattle.

If we wish that our society should be calm, carefree, pleasant and healthy, each one of our society should develop his own personality and self confidence, to protect his self respect.

Then at first we love to pull out of our unemployed youths from the marsh bag. We have to provide the job to each one according to their physical, mental & educational ability.

Increase of unemployment in our country asks for increase for trained and laborious technicians, and we manage such trainings by which we can triumph over the problem of unemployment.

It will be the greatest deed and the biggest feat. There should be such education which could provide the job. But how many are such lucky persons who have got job on the basis of school & college degree, perhaps, not more then 10%. What about the remaining? What they will get on their part, certainly, disappointment, irritation, peevishness and frustration. But these 90% youths are energy of our country, who have to play an important role for the development of pleasant society.

This is the result of our wrong policy, high rate of population and less opportunity for job.

There is a large part of unemployment of such youths who could set education hardly up to matric or less than matric.

What will happen with them? On the status of their education they can not get job anywhere. But to maintain Peace in our society "Each hand and mouth should get the jobs & morsel".

Today the whole has changed into an industrial unit. Keeping in view the modern technology and international requirement, our institute the "NATIONAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE (NTI)" manages such several trainings considering needs of un-skilled, un-employed and rather educated unemployed youths, after getting training the opportunity for job opens the door for them within the country and abroad.

Our only motive is giving the technical training to the educated or uneducated youths. Who can manage to service in the society with high prestige.


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